Easy Expenses

Easy Expenses 0.94.4

Manage your finances on your Pocket PC


  • Finger-friendly data entry
  • Edit default values


  • Lacks advanced finance management options


If you frequently travel on business trips you may find it difficult to keep track of all the expenses you need to claim back when you return to the office.

You may want to check out Easy Expenses, which is designed to log all of your work-related spending on the move. Although the user interface within Easy Expenses takes a bit of getting used to, once you've got the knack it does facilitate quick, finger-friendly data entry.

Once you've clicked the 'New Item' option in Easy Expenses you can choose from a list of three currencies, before entering the amount of your expense just by clicking squares which correspond to each decimal placing. You can then record other information into Easy Expenses such as the expense type, date, source and the payment method. All of this entering is done via drop-down menus, and, as with entering the amount, it would've been nice to have some way of entering values manually.

Nevertheless, it is possible to edit the default values in Easy Expenses, so you can choose your own currencies, expense types, payment methods, etc. Easy Expenses also lets you export the data as a text file for viewing and editing in other applications. It would've been nice to have a few more advanced features in the program, such as currency conversion or an option for recording where you were on each trip.

On the whole though, Easy Expenses provides a useful way of recording your expenses as they happen.

Easy Expenses


Easy Expenses 0.94.4

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